The concept behind the "BE SMART – CUT GREEN" idea not only reflects today’s renewed desire and demand for action, but also the responsibility we bear to preserve the planet for future generations. 

AIRCO® has always been aware of this responsibility. The nitrogen systems developed and patented by AIRCO® both reduce costs and achieve a considerable reduction in CO2. The nitrogen no longer has to be transported to you. As a result, supply bottlenecks and the unnecessary release of harmful CO2 during transportation are eliminated since you are now able to produce the nitrogen that you require yourself – directly at your own location.

In addition to a cost reduction of up to 50%, you will also significantly reduce the amount of CO2 you emit. This is made possible by the use of photovoltaic systems and self-generated power, for example.

The production of nitrogen can be flexibly programmed via the “INFINIT TOUCH” panel and can be stored for production with the aid of our ". In this way, your system can also operate at weekends and, for example, use power produced from sunlight to generate nitrogen directly on-site.

Example CO2 saving - PSAL® 100 SN:

45 kW (saving) * 0,4 kg CO2 / kW = 18 kg CO2 / h / 60 min. =

0,30 kg CO2 / min.

Protect the earth - save CO2 now with nitrogen generators from AIRCO