Communication – thought ahead
Experience flexibility - simple, customized and fast

AIRCO® eSystems creates the basis for this with its uniquely individualized modular system, which reacts to you and your company's requirements so that you do not have to actively intervene.

Regardless of how your components are used, we ensure optimal communication between the modules. Your advantage: even if components and suppliers are exchanged, our eMOD-Engine adjusts the communication directly and quickly to the new component.

This not only makes you more flexible, but also saves costs and time. In addition, we can respond directly to your change requests and adapt them as needed at any time.


Networking - Online - Worldwide

With AIRCO® eSystems you are no longer dependent on the software of the component manufacturers. We replace complicated, costly and time-consuming control systems with highly efficient and simple solutions that are precisely customized  to your profile and needs.

Here you will also benefit from our self-developed eMOD engine, which will offer you all opportunities for future expansion through ideas and wishes. Thus you can optimise your production and further increase efficiency. You set the pace and the system grows with you. No matter if WWS, cloud networks or advantages of IIot - we develop a suitable solution for you.


Communication is everything - Optimization of existing Systems -
Planning & Development of new Control Solutions

We ensure consistent communication. No matter whether machine controls, processes and procedures or the connection to the enterprise resource planning system: We analyze the requirements with you and develop a uniform solution. A solution that not only complies with current standards, we create a solution that is also ready for the future. The added value of the optimization is many times higher than the actual investment.

E-mobility / charging management

AIRCO® eSystems gives you full control over the charging management of your vehicles. The goal here is the complete and effective use of your resources when using solar systems. In addition to stand-alone solutions, we also offer a full integration into your production process.

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