"BE SMART - THINK GREEN" is not only a slogan that reflects the desire and commitment to be active in today's world, but also the responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations. This idea has always been an important part of AIRCO®'s mission, and with our expansion and new offerings, we have evolved our previous slogan "BE SMART - CUT GREEN" to "BE SMART - THINK GREEN". At AIRCO®, we have developed and patented nitrogen systems that not only save money, but also significantly reduce CO2 emissions. With our technology, nitrogen no longer needs to be transported to your site, eliminating the carbon footprint from transportation. Instead, you can produce the nitrogen you need right at your site.

By using our technology, you can reduce costs by up to 50% and save a significant amount of CO2, especially when combined with the use of solar panels and self-generated electricity. Our "INFINIT TOUCH" panel allows for flexible programming of nitrogen production, and our INFINIT N2 bundles allow for storage of the nitrogen produced. Your plant can operate on weekends and even use solar energy to produce nitrogen on site.

As our company expands through the formation of AIRCO Group and our new offerings, we remain true to our responsibility to preserve the planet for future generations. "BE SMART - THINK GREEN" is our updated slogan that embodies our commitment to innovation, sustainability and protecting the environment.

Example CO2 saving - PSAL® 100 SN:

45 kW (saving) * 0,4 kg CO2 / kW = 18 kg CO2 / h / 60 min. =

0,30 kg CO2 / min.

Protect the earth - save CO2 now with nitrogen generators from AIRCO