Save costs and reduce CO2 with the use of AIRCO® nitrogen generators that produce gas directly on site. Our PSAL® nitrogen generators guarantee purities of up to 99.9999% for laser cutting. This allows for cost reductions of up to 50%. Produce the nitrogen that you require yourself as required, directly on site.

The INFINIT PSAL® nitrogen generators by AIRCO® produce nitrogen from existing compressed air. First, the air is channelled through a pre-filtration unit to remove impurities such as oil vapours and particles. Once cleaned, the compressed air flow is subsequently channelled into the adsorption tanks. Oxygen molecules are removed and the pressure dew point is lowered. As a result, clean, dry and highly pure nitrogen gas is created. The nitrogen which has been produced is then conveyed into a storage vessel before being condensed to 300 bar.

Downstream cylinder bundles of our “INFINIT N2 BUNDLES” are used as storage as part of this process. Due to the large storage volume, peak consumption can also be covered without difficulty. This new concept makes it possible for you to lower your costs by up to 50% thanks to the self-sufficiency that the N2 gives you. All values, such as compressed air temperature, pressure dew point, pressure, nitrogen purity and nitrogen pressure are controlled continuously via our INFINIT TOUCH PANEL and recorded. The effectiveness of the AIRCO® nitrogen generators will provide you with savings from the very beginning. The nitrogen generator is equipped with RMB as standard and can be monitored remotely from any PC in the world.

Nitrogen generator - structure of the plant with nitrogen accumulator

Nitrogen generator

The nitrogen is produced using high-grade activated carbon. Oxygen molecules are adsorbed by the activated carbon, the nitrogen molecules flow through the CMS and the nitrogen which is produced as a result is stored in tanks. When the amount of nitrogen to be produced is increased, the N2 purity drops. When the quantity is reduced, the purity increases. Nitrogen amounts of 0.2 Nm³/h - 500 Nm³/h with purities of up to 6.0 are possible..

High-pressure compression

The high-pressure compressor condenses the produced nitrogen to a maximum of 300 bar. Owing to energy-efficient motors and high-grade, high-pressure filtration, all of your requirements are met in a cost-efficient manner.

Nitrogen storage

300 bar bundles are used for the storage of the nitrogen. Due to the high pressure level, consumption peaks can also be compensated for without difficulty. Owing to the high storage capacity of 180 Nm³ per bundle, it is possible to guarantee an unceasing supply of nitrogen. Additional bundles can be added at any time and storage can be expanded as a result.

Protect the earth - save CO2 now with nitrogen generators from AIRCO