The space-saving, effective and convenient solution for on-site nitrogen production offered by AIRCO® Systems GmbH is enjoying huge success. The so-called “PSAL® S systems” combine modern platform construction with many years of experience in the field of ultra-pure nitrogen production.

The system is assembled with all of its components at our production facility in Frankfurt am Main on prefabricated and modular automotive skits. There is sufficient space for compressed air preparation, a nitrogen generator, product containers, nitrogen drying, filters and a high-pressure compressor as part of the basic structure, which is always identical.

After assembly has been completed, the entire system is inspected by our engineering department as well as our notified CE body before the system is put through its paces. As part of this process, the systems are extensively tested to check their proper functioning and tightness. During this early stage, the settings can be adapted to our customers’ specifications.

In this way, we can put the equipment into operation at the customer’s location in record time and can implement the fundamental plug and play concept. Furthermore, the system’s compact construction has a noticeable impact on loading and positioning, during which nothing more than a forklift truck is required.

During installation, the nitrogen system is expertly connected to the laser’s gas supplies by our qualified technicians.

The final step sees our customers receive training directly at their own facility from our technicians so that they can optimally plan and monitor their future nitrogen production.

Nitrogen generator PSAL-S - Box

Advantages of the nitrogen generator PSAL® - S

  • Plug and play: tested on more than 6000 systems worldwide

  • Operational immediately

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • High quality and worldwide service

  • Air requirement factor 5 – 7

  • Purity at 10 – 1000 ppm, 5.0 – 3.0

Highlights of the nitrogen generator PSAL® - S

  • Small surface area requirement and simple operation

  • Extremely low power consumption

  • Extremely low air consumption

  • High quality and worldwide service

  • Better cutting results than when using tank and bundle solutions

  • Industry 4.0: query and control of the system from any location in the world



Nitrogen generator Specifications of PSAL ® - S

  • Initial pressure: max. 300 bar

  • Ambient air: +10 °C to +45 °C

  • Nitrogen pressure dew point: up to -60 °C

  • Nitrogen purity: 3.0 = 1000 ppm

  • Maximum purity: 5.0 = 10 ppm

  • Nitrogen temperature: +10 °C above ambient temperature

INFINIT PSAL-S Nitrogen Generator from AIRCO
Skit-PlatformVolumetric flow - Nm³/h
3.0 (99,9%) / 4.0 (99,99%) / 5.0 (99,999%)
Platform dimensions
(LxWxH in mm)
Platform weight
(approx. in kg)
Total weight
(approx. in kg)
Power connectionBundle
PSAL® 15 S15852200 x 2200 x 25001950195032A1
PSAL® 25 S251462200 x 2200 x 25001700*218050A2
PSAL® 38 S3822112200 x 2200 x 25001850*233050A4
PSAL® 50 S5025152200 x 2200 x 25001934*241450A6
PSAL® 75 S7542222200 x 2200 x 25002087*256763A8
PSAL® 90 S9051282200 x 2200 x 25002593*307363A8
* Separate high-pressure compressor next to the platform (1500 x 800 x 1530 mm, 480 kg)
Nitrogen generator PSAL-S front view

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