AIRCO® SYSTEMS is specialized in CO2 neutral nitrogen production. With the AIRCO® INFNIT EMS (Energy Management System) we are able to use the available CO2 neutral energy (solar energy) in the best way. The centerpiece here is our Infinit Touch, including the Infinit Cloud. This system gives us the possibility to create a customized application.

We check the available energy and distribute it in a process-adjusted manner to the end users in order to avoid costly power peaks. We are able to use the PSAL system as energy storage (pre-production). Through the extension by a modern charging management system for e-mobility, we are also able to use the fleet capacity (car battery bidirectional) as e-storage, in order to return it to the production site when needed.

The focus is always on the individuality of the customer. With our own tools we achieve, in addition to the complete energy documentation, above all an optimal use of the resource.

Our capabilities represent a milestone and are the foundation for further developments of CO2 neutral energy. The core task always remains to use the self-generated energy as economically as possible. In addition to the ecological aspect, the focus is clearly on reducing energy costs in order to provide the sheet metal processing industry with a tool that not only cover but also drastically reduces energy costs.

With our application, we are taking energy absorption to a new level in metal processing. Let's work together to advance ecological and economical sheet metal processing and revolutionize it with our slogan: "BE SMART - CUT GREEN".

Protect the earth - save CO2 now with nitrogen generators from AIRCO